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  • Manual assembly: the assembly is carried out on hand presses and pneumatic presses as well as on special equipment for dedicated products. It includes the preparing of parts for further assembly. The scope of operations contains for example: parts shaping, pushing in elements, stacking, crimping etc.
  • Welding: we use point and resistance welding machines with a permanent welding process control and a electronic welding parameter drive.
  • Manual soldering: soldering of parts using leaded and unleaded tin. We use soldering stations that feature a going on soldering tip temperature control.
  • Automatic soldering: is done on SEHO solder waves. We offer leaded or unleaded soldering in nitrogen environment.
  • Cable assembly: we assembly cable looms basing on customers projects or according to customers order, preparing our own documentation. We fulfill the assembly with operations like squeezing various kinds of contacts and printing descriptions using Ink Jet or thermo print technologies. We apply equipment from the following manufacturers: Schleuniger, Komax, Tyco, Domino.
  • Sealing: we seal switches and connections as well as PCB to secure them against atmospheric influences. We use dedicated resin kinds, silicones, glues or apply the dip-coat technology.
  • Testing equipment: we perform elementary and functionally tests on products using SPEA and GUARDIAN equipment. All this we offer a laser based cutting of electronic circuits to define a precise output voltage with an accuracy of (±) 50 mV
  • Printing: we print on plastic parts using the Tampo-Print technology.
  • SMD assembly: we offer a professional SMD assembly service accompanied by a complex production prepare. We afford one sided and double sided assembly with leaded and unleaded soldering. Additionally THT parts can be assembled and the circuit boards can be sealed by coating.